Feed Back.


Your pipers and drummer did an excellent job.

Many people have commented about it and have acknowledge what a difference it makes.


Syd, "The Band sounds very professional", Doorman Fawley Royal British Legion.

"That was fantastic, a lot better than Bands I have heard in Scotland". Contractor from Scotland.

Middlesborough, contractor, That was great, what a beautiful sound".

Very many thanks for the excellent contribution The Pipe Band made to what was a very successful evening, with many favourable comments as people were leaving.  Please pass on my thanks to other members of the Band who played for us. 

Portchester Gala 2017.

I called into the "Cormorant" pub on the way out to get some extra liquid on board and was grabbed by maybe a dozen people who all said how much they enjoyed the band - one couple said it was tremendous to hear us gradually approaching (they were down by the castle entrance), getting louder, and finally coming into view and then swinging through the gateway arch. They loved it. Just thought I would pass that on to you and Richard - some excellent feedback. See you soon Glenn. 

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